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Our programmes are modular. We tailor content to fit client time & requirements. Each subject (leadership, teamwork, partnership, change...) can be presented in short or long format.



1-2 hours:
framework ... to open minds


1/2 day - 3 days:
framework & understanding ... to change minds


3 days - 3 months:
framework, understanding & change ... to change behaviour

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The Delta Team Programme:

making the leap to high performance

Who is it for?

  • Leaders and Teams
  • Team Leaders


The Delta Team Programme is for teams who want to make the leap into high performance.  

This is for leaders and teams who are serious about high performance.  They want to find out what it is and how to make it happen. 

In The Delta Programme they work together to build a framework for high performance,  and a plan to achieve it.

  • What does high performance look like and feel like?

  • How high is ‘high’?

  • Is it possible we could be twice as good?

  • What would we have to change, to achieve that?

  • What is holding us back?

  • How are we going to make these changes?

  • When?



An inense two-workshop programme.  The whole team attends, with the team leader.

  • Define high performance for your team across five dimensions:

    B     Behaviour
    E     Environment
    C     Culture
    K     Knowledge
    S     Skills

  • Study examples of success and failure, understand the core principles common to all

  • Explore your personal / team potential, and limits

  • Build a framework for teamwork

  • Build a framework for high-performance teamwork

  • Focus on what you need to change to achieve it.  

  • Create a personal plan for step-change and high performance

  • 3 months coaching support (options for more)


What is a 'Delta Programme'?

A Delta Programme is a Change Programme. ‘Delta’ is the mathematical symbol for ‘change’.    Our Delta Programmes are for people who are serious about change:  they don’t just want to learn some theory, they want to change.

The full version of this programme involves two workshops (2 days + 1 day):

  • Workshop 1            explore and define the principles of high-performance teamwork

  • Workshop 2            apply the principles to yourself and your business

These workshops are designed to drive delegates through a 5-stage change-process, at the end of which they achieve the change they have targeted:

  1. Prepare                                 Focus on what you want to change, and why

  2. 2-DAY WORKSHOP             Explore the change, and how to make it happen

  3. Practice                                Practice elements of the change

  4. 1-DAY WORKSHOP             Confirm the change plan, commit to it

  5. Perform                                Implement your plan (Delta Cycle), achieve the change

Includes 3 months follow-up coaching to support your change plan, and an option for more

Prepare ... 2 DAY WORKSHOP ... Practice ... I DAY WORKSHOP ... Perform

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