Flexible content

Our programmes are modular. We tailor content to fit client time & requirements. Each subject (leadership, teamwork, partnership, change...) can be presented in short or long format.



1-2 hours:
framework ... to open minds


1/2 day - 3 days:
framework & understanding ... to change minds


3 days - 3 months:
framework, understanding & change ... to change behaviour

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Influence & Impact

Skills and strategies to increase influence

Who is it for?

Leaders, managers and professionals who wish to improve the impact they have on others and increase their ability to influence their colleagues, their business partners, and their networks


  • What skills do you need to influence and persuade others?

  • What is your personal  & professional impact?

  • What  are your strengths?

  • What do you need to get better at?

  • What is your plan?

  • Who else needs to be involved to achieve it?

  • When are you going to make the change?

  • What will indicate that you have succeeded in your plan?


  • Understand the skills needed for effective influence and persuasion.  These include:

    • meetings

    • public speaking

    • the ‘elevator pitch’

    • framing an argument

    • winning a business case

    • winning political battles

  • Assess personal impact, understand what elements contribute to overall impact.

  • Increase awareness and confidence in own abilities.

  • Realise what you need to work on or improve.

  • Develop an action plan.

  • Identify the support needed to make it happen.

  • Commit to the plan, make the changes you need to make.

  • Build a picture of the future where impact is stronger and influencing skills more effective

Tailored to fit

Our programmes are delivered in-house.  We always work with our client to tailor the format and content to fit their requirements.

Content is split into modules so clients can choose exactly what they want.  Our programmes always include our Delta Cycle, a framework for change and performance.

All participants leave with an ACTION PLAN to translate their learning into action and change.  They will be able to measure the programme’s impact from the changes they make and what they do differently as a result.

Influence & Impact Modules

  • Code

  • Section

  • Module

  • Communication & Public Speaking
  • What is effective communication?
  • 3 levels of communication : ‘Self Talk’, with one other person, with a group
  • The key to successful Public Speaking
  • Managing your state of mind: Self 1 & Self 2
  • How to develop & present a vital speech : Voice, Words, Being
  • The impact of voice, body language, and dress
  • The power of illustrations and stories
  • The Power Point Trap
  • Overcoming Public Speaking Fears
  • Communication and Persuasion
  • Analysis of the communication process: what is happening?
  • Understand the brain during the communication process
  • Awareness of the power of words
  • Increase sensitivity to non verbal messages
  • Understand the effect of the medium on the message?
  • Empathy, Rapport, and Deep Listening
  • The Headline argument & how to use Power Point effectively
  • How to frame an argument and make a point
  • How to connect with your audience and make a sale
  • Communication and Influence
  • The principles of influence: Push and Pull
  • Survey of Influence models
  • The role of influence in decision making
  • How to control and influence an audience ( including cross- cultural audiences)
  • How to have more influence in meetings
  • How to have more influence on the telephone/ email/ Skype
  • Influence in the new age of digital media : striking the right note
  • The Importance of networking , connecting & partnering
  • Elevator speech : your personal pitch
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