Flexible content

Our programmes are modular. We tailor content to fit client time & requirements. Each subject (leadership, teamwork, partnership, change...) can be presented in short or long format.



1-2 hours:
framework ... to open minds


1/2 day - 3 days:
framework & understanding ... to change minds


3 days - 3 months:
framework, understanding & change ... to change behaviour

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The Delta Leadership Programme

For high performance

Why do some people change the world, while others only change TV channels?

Who for...?

  • Business leaders and Team leaders
  • Newly promoted leaders
  • Managers new to leadership


The Delta Leadership Programme is about how to lead people to high performance.

  • Why are normal people able to do extraordinary things?
  • What are the conditions for high performance? 
  • How high is ‘high’?
  • How can you apply these principles to your own business? 
  • What is holding you back?
  • What do you have to change?
  • How will you achieve these changes? 
  • When?

Programme includes 3-months follow-up coaching to support the change plan, and an option for more.


What could you achieve if nothing held you back?

  • Define high performance
  • Study examples of success and failure, understand the core principles common to all
  • Explore personal / team potential ... and limits
  • Create a framework for high performance
  • Focus on what you need to change to achieve it.  
  • Leave with a personal plan for step-change and high performance
  • 3 months coaching support  (and options for more)

The Delta Leadership Programme is for people who want to do something about high performance, not just talk about it.

What is a 'Delta Programme' ?

A Delta Programme is a Change Programme. ‘Delta’ is the mathematical symbol for ‘change’.    Our Delta Programmes are for people who are serious about change:  they don’t just want to learn some theory, they want to change.

The full version of this programme involves two workshops (2 days + 1 day):

  • Workshop 1            explore and define the principles of high-performance teamwork

  • Workshop 2            apply the principles to yourself and your business

These workshops are designed to drive delegates through a 5-stage change-process, at the end of which they achieve the change they have targeted:

  1. Prepare                                 Focus on what you want to change, and why

  2. 2-DAY WORKSHOP             Explore the change, and how to make it happen

  3. Practice                                Practice elements of the change

  4. 1-DAY WORKSHOP             Confirm the change plan, commit to it

  5. Perform                                Implement your plan (Delta Cycle), achieve the change

Includes 3 months follow-up coaching to support your change plan, and an option for more

Prepare ... 2 DAY WORKSHOP ... Practice ... I DAY WORKSHOP ... Perform

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