Time & Profit for Architects

In the worst recession in history, only two things matter to an architect: getting work, and making money from the work you get.

The Time and Profit programme will help you with both.

»Time & Profit for Architects programme

SME Growth-Mentor

How can you grow your business at a time like this...?!?

Our Growth-Mentor programme is for people who own and run their own business, based on our experience with hundreds of small firms, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

»SME Growth-Mentor programme

One-to-One Coaching

Coaching helps people to clarify their thinking, see more options, increase their confidence, and carry their thoughts through into action and change.

We are professionally trained and experienced business coaches.  Our 1:1 clients fall into three main groups:

Leader & Executive Coaching                                     

Private Client Coaching                              

SME Growth-Mentor


Face, Phone, Skype, Email...?

Coaching is a particular kind of structured conversation.  We don’t have to be in the same room to make it work.  We coach by phone, Skype and email as well as face to face.  It doesn’t matter where you are. We have clients in the Middle East and Europe as well as across the UK. 

Last year we had a client whom we never met.  He asked for urgent coaching about a tricky performance issue, after a friend told him to call us. We spent about three hours on the phone over five days.  He was happy with the process and delighted with the results.  Problem solved!