SME Growth-Mentor

How can you grow your business at a time like this...?!?

Our Growth-Mentor programme is for people who own and run their own business, based on our experience with hundreds of small firms, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

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Time & Profit for Architects:

how to use your time more profitably

* Featured at RIBA Future Leaders Conference, 2010 / 2011

In the middle of the worst recession in history, only two things really matter to any architectural practice: 

  • how to squeeze enough income from the jobs you have

  • how to win new jobs

We have created a short, intense programme to help architects & practice managers with both.

Time & Profit

How to make more profit in less time.

Time & Profit is for all architects at any career stage, but perhaps particularly for those who run a team or a practice.    It’s about how to get more from your time, and your team.

When you work for time-based fees, being more productive has same effect on your income as increasing your fees.   Since very few architects are increasing their fee-scales at the moment, it is a good time to explore the alternative:  how to be more efficient, effective, and productive. 

In Time & Profit you will learn how a simple tracking tool and a few simple habits can have a significant effect on the quality of your work, and the quantity of your profits.

It’s simple, it works, and it’s measurable.  Try it.

Delivered through two short workshops (3 hours each) and email/web support.

The so-called ‘soft’ skills of leadership, performance management and business development are, for many, to be the hardest part of being an architect.

We have worked with a number of leading practices in the UK and in the Gulf, and have personally coached hundreds of architects in the management and business of architecture. 

We have seen the difference that individual and team coaching can make, right across a practice, from partners to reception. 

Broadly, there are three ways we can help: