Our programmes

Flexible content

Our programmes are modular. We tailor content to fit client time & requirements. Each subject (leadership, teamwork, partnership, change...) can be presented in short or long format.



1-2 hours:
framework ... to open minds


1/2 day - 3 days:
framework & understanding ... to change minds


3 days - 3 months:
framework, understanding & change ... to change behaviour

Our programmes

We focus on three key drivers of business performance:

  1. Leadership
  2. Teamwork
  3. Partnership

We offer a range of programmes in each area, which we can tailor to fit client needs.

All programmes are built around our core framework for leadership, teamwork, partnership and growth, and a set of simple disciplines that can be learned and shared across a business.  We call it The Delta Cycle.

Our programmes have evolved over years as coaches and performance consultants working for many large and small businesses and professional firms, and with hundreds of individual leaders. 

We have extensive experience with architects, SME’s, entrepreneurs, and of working in the Middle East.

We aim to provide learning that leads to action.  It’s not what you learn, it’s what you DO with it that counts.

What is a ‘Delta Programme’?

A Delta Programme is a Change Programme. ‘Delta’ is the mathematical symbol for ‘change’.    Our Delta Programmes are for people who are serious about change:  they don’t just want to learn some theory, they want to change.

The full Delta programme involves two workshops (2 days + 1 day):

  • Workshop 1  explore and define the principles of high performance
  • Workshop 2  apply the principles to yourself and your business

These workshops are designed to drive delegates through a 5-stage change-process:

  1. Prepare                                  Focus on what you want to change, and why
  2. 2-DAY WORKSHOP               Explore the change, and how to make it happen
  3. Practice                                  Practice elements of the change
  4. 1-DAY WORKSHOP               Confirm the change plan, commit to it
  5. Perform                                  Implement your plan (Delta Cycle), achieve the change

Includes 3 months follow-up coaching to support your change plan, and an option for more.

Prepare ... 2-DAY WORKSHOP ... Practice ... I-DAY WORKSHOP ... Perform