SME Growth-Mentor

How can you grow your business at a time like this...?!?

Our Growth-Mentor programme is for people who own and run their own business, based on our experience with hundreds of small firms, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

»SME Growth-Mentor programme

Face, Phone, Skype, Email...?

Coaching is a particular kind of structured conversation.  We don’t have to be in the same room to make it work.  We coach by phone, Skype and email as well as face to face.  It doesn’t matter where you are. We have clients in the Middle East and Europe as well as across the UK. 

Last year we had a client whom we never met.  He asked for urgent coaching about a tricky performance issue, after a friend told him to call us. We spent about three hours on the phone over five days.  He was happy with the process and delighted with the results.  Problem solved!

Private clients... Personal Challenges

People who ask for personal coaching are usually facing a challenge or going through a change.  Being able to discuss the situation confidentially is often important. Coaching helps people to think more clearly, see a wider range of options, and increase their confidence and strength to carry through whatever they plan to do.

We have coached people at all ages and career stages on a range of personal business-related issues, such as:

  • looking for new job

  • starting a new job (the first 100 days...)

  • confidence in a senior role

  • starting a new business

  • difficult relationships

  • planning a career change

  • presentation skills: preparing for a major pitch

  • preparing for job interviews

  • a personal / professional / performance crisis

  • how to change habits and behaviour

How long will it take?

Coaching can make a big difference in a short time.  Often a single session produces unexpected clarity.  More typically, a coaching programme involves five or six sessions, 90/120 minutes each, over a few months.

If you think coaching might help you, just pick up the phone and call. We’ll talk it through with you, in confidence, and there is no charge for initial consultations.