Our Programmes

We work with people who want to improve their performance and achieve more: leaders, teams, individuals, businesses.

A performance drive is a change programme: you need to find out what’s holding you back and do something about it.

Our programmes are designed to make this kind of change easier. That’s why we call them ‘Delta Programmes’ (‘Delta’ = change). And that’s why they give you a unique framework for performance and change: The Delta Cycle.

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The Delta Cycle

This is the five-stage cycle at the core of individual, team and business performance.  It also drives change, since performance requires change and vice versa. 

This is not just another model.  It is a theory of what actually happens when we get it right (success!), and when we get it wrong (stuck!).  In Delta Programmes you will learn how to use the Delta Cycle ...

  • as a diagnostic system (for individuals, teams and organisations)
  • as a leadership agenda
  • as a performance engine
  • as a business system
  • as a change engine
  • as a framework for performance coaching

The delta cycle