• Who we are

    We work with people who want to improve their performance and achieve more: leaders, teams, individuals, businesses.

    A performance drive is a change programme: you need to find out what’s holding you back and do something about it.

    Our programmes are designed to make this kind of change easier. That’s why we call them ‘Delta Programmes’ (‘Delta’ = change). And that’s why they give you a unique framework for performance and change: The Delta Cycle.

    Ask us how our Delta Programmes and The Delta Cycle could help you and your business. Just pick up the phone or email us now.

  • SME Growth-Mentor

    How can you grow your business at a time like this...?!?

    Our Growth-Mentor programme is for people who own and run their own business, based on our experience with hundreds of small firms, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

    »SME Growth-Mentor programme

  • Time & Profit for Architects

    In the worst recession in history, only two things matter to an architect: getting work, and making money from the work you get.

    The Time and Profit programme will help you with both.

    »Time & Profit for Architects programme